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Mention this website and receive 10% off Pressure Washing your house.

  At TOP NOTCH SIDING and EXTERIORS, we recognize how a well done improvement or restoration project can add value to your business or home. We can help you achieve those goals. We will do our best to make your visions come true.

We stand behind the Made-In-America products we use by guaranteeing all contract work and services are completed with quality craftsmanship.

Many of the products and materials we use come with excellent manufacturer warranties that last for the life of your home or business structure.

We guarantee the work we do will be what you expect. We know you will be very satisfied. - Todd Cumby, owner Top Notch Siding and Exteriors


Sherwin-Williams Paints

- Exterior Painting -

When you decide to update your home or business exterior color, the paint color combination is an unspoken communication you send to your neighbors or clients.

Go ahead and make a subtle or loud statement for all to see. Top Notch Siding and Exteriors has the expert painters to help you make your visual statement be clear and true. We use only the best quality products to achieve the long lasting design you want.

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Hardie Plank Siding

- Siding -

At Top Notch Siding and Exteriors we pride ourselves by completing siding projects that obtain the best visual results. We use quality products to ensure an long lasting, maintenance free appearance. We offer HardiePlank Siding, but we will install your choice of cement or vinyl siding or cedar shingles.

We want you to be proud of your home or business exterior. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. When your house or business looks good, so do we.

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Pella Doors and Windows

- Windows and Doors -

Windows and doors can add a bold statement to your home or business. Both can be upgraded to be energy efficient as well as signature design to your structure.

Top Notch Siding and Exteriors has expert carpenters on staff to install new windows and doors or replace old ones.

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- Garage Doors -

Replace your old garage door and update it to a new light weight, secure door can add an amazing, subtle accent or a bold statement to your home's exterior for not a lot of expense.

We work with local suppliers to provide you with the perfect garage door.

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- Roofing -

The roof covering your home or business is a huge portion of the protection covering your structure. If it were to fail, it would not be long before the damage would show and destroy your prized investment.

Our builders live in houses and work in buildings, just like you. We know maintenance is needed to protect the elements that protect your home. We have crews skilled in providing roof repair service like flashing, replacing damaged shingles, or replacing the whole roof quickly and professionally.

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- Pressure Washing -

Pressure washing should be a yearly task. Tree pollen green is a yearly occurrence. Summer rains cause mold to grow on almost everything.

Top Notch Siding and Exteriors has the experts to quickly clean away the green and black mold and grime.

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- Decks -

In Georgia, we are fortunate to have fair weather many days of the year. This leads naturally to having picnics outside on your deck; parties with your friends and family; or just sipping some sweat tea and watching the fireflies.

Make sure your deck is safe and sound. When the time comes and you want enhancements, repairs, or replacement, call the experts at Top Notch Siding and Exteriors. Our carpenters know how to make your deck the star of your social party.

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